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Deed Preparation Services

Get in touch with CB Document Preparation, LLC to get the help you need with your deeds. All property must be located in Arizona. The persons involved in the transaction may be anywhere in the United States or a foreign country.

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Various Types of Deeds

Warranty Deeds: Can be used to add, delete or transfer ownership of real property. They are also used to put property into a Trust, LLC or other business entity.


Time Shares: Transfer your timeshare to a new owner.


Beneficiary Deeds: Are for the purpose of naming the person or persons who will "inherit" your property when you pass away. The deed is recorded but does not give any ownership until the Grantor's death certificate is recorded. The transfer of ownership occurs immediately and without probate.


Deed of Release and Reconveyance: It is used when a private loan is paid off. This deed releases the lien created by the deed of trust.


Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure: If the borrower and lender agree, this is used to give the property back to the lender. It is used in conjunction with a Deed of Release and Re-conveyance to release the lien and transfer ownership to the lender.


Deed for Property Split or Consolidation: After a survey has created a new legal description, this deed begins the new chain of title for the newly created property.


Deed for Easement: Used to create an easement for public and private ingress and egress through or to a property.

"We appreciate your raising the flag on the Trust question. With your background in real-estate, you are uniquely equipped to not only execute but also to give your perspective on what needs to be done based on the situation at hand. And lastly you are very responsive and do your best to accommodate our timing needs which were very short."

- Richard (Client)

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